MasterCheck Forklift Inspection App Product Tour

Total Team Management

The supervisor can allocate forklift units and operators to any number of departments and locations. Inspections and report results can be filtered by location and department or viewed as the entire company. Supervisors can also send notification messages to all operators or specific operators from the Supervisor Dashboard.

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Improve Efficiencies

Detailed analytics are only a click away in the Supervisor Dashboard. The supervisor can view all the inspection and report history including any photos that have been included. Analytics reports show historical data sorted by forklift unit or operator in order to identify disconcerting trends. The supervisor can even view data on the most common causes of failed forklift inspections.

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Stay On Top

The supervisor can customize notifications to receive an alert when any occurrence of his choosing happens. Submitted repair reports can also be set up to advise the company’s forklift service provider for immediate dispatch for example. Lifting Device Inspection due date, operator license renewal date and even Planned Maintenance due date (based on real time hours) notifications can also be set up. Now the supervisor can always be informed of any type of occurrence or important due date.

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Customize For Your Operation

Not all companies are alike. Therefore, inspection forms begin with a typical format, but allow the supervisor to customize fields and even add inspection items that suit the company best. Once inspection items have been customized, the new fields appear in the operator’s app.

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Cloud Storage


No more sorting or saving paper reports in file folders. All inspections and reports are safely saved in the cloud for quick access indefinitely. No worrying about losing your inspections or reports! Our servers are hosted on’s industry leading infrastructure, so you’ll never misplace an inspection again.

Cost Savings


The typical paper pad solution costs approximately $55 per forklift annually and as much as $165 per forklift annually for a multi-shift operation. At $39.99 per forklift annually, you’ll start saving day one.

Customer Support


The MasterCheck app and Supervisor Dashboard are designed to be as simple as possible, but sometimes it helps to talk to a real person. That’s what we’re here for. Even during your free trial, you can reach us via phone or email and we’ll be happy to help you out.

Easy Importing


Getting your forklift fleet uploaded to the Supervisor Dashboard is as simple as importing a CVS file. Fields such as unit number, make, model, serial number and hour meter reading are uploaded in only a few minutes.



We offer 256-bit encryption and follow best-practices to ensure the security of your data. All your files are encrypted and will be backed up inside the MasterCheck app.

Free Updates


We’re constantly working to improve our product, and you’ll get future updates for free. The Supervisor Dashboard is web-based so we’ll automatically install the upgrades for you so you can focus on other things

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