MasterCheck Forklift Inspection App Frequently Asked Questions

I have downloaded the app. Now what?

After downloading the app, you may use it as a single user, for a single unit. You will be able to fill out all inspections and additional reports on your device and those reports will automatically be saved on the device and in the cloud. You will also be able to include photos with all of your inspections. Once saved on the device, you will be able to print or forward the inspections via email if you choose.

If you have more than one forklift, you will have two options.

  1. Have each operator download the app and complete inspections for their assigned forklift. They will only be able to do inspections for the same one unit every time.
  2. The best and most common option is to set up all of the company forklifts (or other types of equipment such as aerial lifts, skid steer loaders and cranes) on the web-based Supervisor Dashboard to manage and analyze all forklift trucks and operators.

What is the Supervisor Dashboard?

The Supervisor Dashboard is a powerful web-based “control center” to manager your forklifts and operators in as many departments and locations as you prefer. As the data sent from the app to the Supervisor Dashboard, all inspection history can be seen. Data can be sorted by forklift or operator giving new insights on causes for repeated failed inspections as well as Pass/Fail/Accident Reports/Near Miss Reports and Repair Reports. Trends can be identified and rectified with the data that is growing every shift.

The supervisor can customize notifications on critical occurrences or simply to confirm that all inspections have been completed. Accidents, near misses or required repair reports can include photos and now tell the complete story, documented in real time.

All of the collected data is now safely and conveniently saved in the cloud without the necessity of paper reports and filing cabinets.

How many operators does my subscription limit me to?

The subscription is based on number of forklifts only. You may have as many forklift operators linked to the Supervisor Dashboard as you like. Deleting and adding operators is as simple as a couple of clicks.

What if I have more than one shift? Am I charged extra?

No. The subscription is based on number of forklifts only. You are not charged for the number operators you have or number of inspections you use, no matter how many shifts you have.

How many forklifts or operators/users can I add to my account during the 60-day free trial?

We encourage you to set up as many forklifts and operators/users as you like – there is no limitation. If you do not cancel the subscription, at the end of the 60-day free trial you will only be charged for the number of forklift trucks you have registered.

Can I customize the inspection forms?

Yes! In the Supervisor Dashboard you can view the most common inspection forms in a template. From there the supervisor can edit any category of a point of inspection. You may also add inspection points to the form to suit your specific operation. Once completed, the customized inspection form will now appear to all of your operators in the app.

What if we have multiple locations?

You have a choice of either setting up one account for the entire company and have many locations (and departments) within that account or setting up a separate account for each location. When you set up one account for a company with more than one location, all forklifts and operators will appear in that account. However, supervisors will have the option to filter all reports by location to get a precise picture of their location.

What if we don’t have Wi-Fi?

The app will work for all inspections and save to the device. To send completed inspections to others will require local cellular data on or wi-fi.

What if an operator prefers not to use his/her personal device?

This is not common because it makes the operators job easier and we do not collect any operator information. However, in those rare cases, companies have provided a “department” tablet(s) that the operator can log into and still complete the inspection digitally.

What types of devices is the app compatible with?

The app is compatible with iOS phones and iPads, Android phones and tablets and many Android based scanners/handheld computers with touch screens.

What if I have quite a few forklift truck descriptions to upload to the Supervisor Dashboard? Do I have to upload the specs manually?

In the Supervisor Dashboard you may enter the forklift specs and pertinent details or choose to use a CVS file upload for any number of lift trucks. This is a simple process that takes only a few minutes.

Will our credit card automatically be charged after the 60-day trial?

If you have not cancelled the subscription before the expiry of the 60-day trial, the credit card will be charged for the annual subscription price per forklift truck. A monthly, pay-as-you-go option is also offered if you prefer.

How do I cancel my subscription?

The “cancel account” option is available Supervisor Dashboard and cancelling can be done at any time.